About Us

Koselig is located in a remote area of the Arapahoe National Forest of the Rocky Mountains. At an altitude of over 8,000 feet, we have a workshop and small studio near a cabin right in the heart of Colorado's wilderness.










We believe in introducing little nuggets to life on the trails, fresh air, and exploring their world as soon as new parents are comfortable. We manufacture products to support this lifestyle and provide the kiddos with comfort and protection while giving parents peace of mind.  

At koseligkids, our job is to blend the best technical fabrics with kid-friendly designs. We source our materials from leading fabric suppliers, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship, whether it be our Sherpa® fleece, anti-bacterial UPF50 polyester, or sustainable merino wool.

All of our garments and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, USA. Keeping our production local has enabled us to build strong personal relationships with all of our suppliers and partners, allowing us to take pride in our finished product together. As a team, we are only as good as the last stitch.

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